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King Frederick X of Denmark visit to SGGW

During the first foreign visit to Poland of His Majesty King Frederick X of Denmark, on 1 February 2024, the delegation of Danish entrepreneurs will pay a visit to the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW); the Main Campus and Obory-Wilanów Experimental Farm. ...

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Release of the new SGGW visual identity

Description: Similar to the changing world around, Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Warsaw (SGGW), formerly considered as the agricultural university, is transforming. Today we are perceived as a modern university of life sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, and we attempt to communicate it to the world in many ways. Now we are launching a new visual identification of our university which, not resigning but building on tradition, will let us find our place in the contemporary world. This is why a new symbol and visual identity of the university were suggested, as well as simple, consistent and distinctive language, thanks to which we will be able to design messages, authors of which will be directly related to the university. Both the tradition and nature of SGGW focus on life. The life we can observe on a daily basis is formed by cells forming tissues, organs and organisms. This is why life and its complexity have become the foundation for our new visual identity. A new visual identity does not change traditional elements embedded in our university; the name of the university does not change, its emblem does not change, academic insignia remain unchanged; the same applies to diploma templates.

SGGW new visual identity


International MSc Modern Engineering in Water Management at Warsaw University of Life Sciences


Visit of Prince Akishino at WULS-SGGW

Description: His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino visited the WULS-SGGW campus and the Wilanów-Obory research station on July 1st. 2019 His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino, His Excellency Ambassador Tsukasa Kawada, Mr. Makoto Taketoshi, Special Advisor to T.I.H. the Crown Prince and Crown Princess Mr. Hiroaki Ishii, Chief Private Secretary to T.I.H. the Crown Prince and Crown Princess visited the WULS-SGGW campus and the Wilanów-Obory research station on July 1st. 2019. Polish representatives include His Magnificence prof. Wiesław Bielawski, Rector, Prof. Marian Binek, vice-rector for science, first deputy, Prof. Michał Zasada, vice-rector for international cooperation, Prof. Kazimierz Tomala, vice-rector for didactics. Rector Bielawski welcomed His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino at SGGW-WULS campus and shortly described the University and invited to see a short movie about SGGW-WULS. Then Rector Zasada informed guests about cooperation with Japan. His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino signed the commemorative book. The Crown Prince visited Wilanów-Obory and saw Cow Houses from outside. The delegation strengthened Polish-Japanese relations and gave interesting prospects for the future.

Plants' Dr House

Description: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Informator: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr House od roślin Plants' Dr House

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