• dr inż. Krzysztof Szwejk

    • SGGW Spoksmen
    • rzecznik@sggw.edu.pl
    • mobile: +48 604 534 879
    • mobile: + 48 22 593 19 98
    • Since 2004, serving as SGGW spoksmen. He is a member of the Association of PR and Promotion of Polish Universities "PRom" and the Polish Public Relations Association. From 2002 to 2004, dr. Szwejk was the head of the Information and Promotion Office at the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture (ARMA), and a former advisor to the President of ARMA. At the Agency, he developed and implemented the concept of establishing the Information and Promotion Office and the campaigns promoting the EU's Agricultural Policy, the system of direct payments in agriculture, the Rural Development Program, the SAPARD program, and agricultural preferential credit systems. The Information and Promotion Office conducted the campaigns mentioned above throughout the country. From 1990 to 2002, he worked as a TVP journalist, and head of the TVP1 Agricultural Editorial Board. According to the OBOP, AGB, and TVP surveys, the agricultural programs were watched by 20 million viewers each week during that period. Dr. Szwejk introduced 10 new tv shows to Polish public television, and 15 titles were broadcast by his editorial office. He was a co-author of the "Liderzy" and "Za czy przeciw" programs concerning the processes of EU integration. He carried out programs on agrotechnics, agricultural, social, and ecological documentaries, within the "Z Polski", "Eco-Echo", "Rolnictwo na świecie" and "Proszę o odpowiedź" series. He participated in the realization of the economic tv shows, such as "Wieści" and "Rondo". Dr inż. Szwejk was also a publisher and reporter of the "Agrobiznes", the daily tv show.
    • Anna Kiryjow-Radzka

    • PR Specialist
    • anna_kiryjow@sggw.edu.pl
    • mobile: +48 22 593 19 97
    • Chairman of the Association of PR and Promotion of Polish Universities "PRom", and a member of the Board of the Polish Public Relations Association. PR Specialist at the SGGW Press Office. Social media marketing, digital marketing - designing, implementation, and analytics of the omnichannel campaigns. Defining quantitative and qualitative KPIs / benchmarking. Building brand recognition by providing up-to-date, and engaging content. Trend tracking and implementation. Lead generation. Remarketing. Content marketing, marketing of scientific content, popularization, and promotion of science and scientific achievements. Cooperation with scientists and researchers in creating scientific notes, reports, and articles to make them accessible to the average recipient (non-scientist). Creating and editing articles and posts. Plain language. Presentations and public speeches during conferences, discussion panels, and trade shows in Poland and abroad (Indonesia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania). PR - creating and editing content, building the image/brand, contact with the media and other external entities (Ministry of Science and Higher Education, NAWA, Perspektywy Education Foundation, etc.), organization of events, co-creating visual identity. Organization of nationwide inter-university conferences, conducting and moderating panel discussions, presentations, and speeches, and editing post-conference materials.
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